What is horsehair jewellery?

Horsehair really is incredible stuff, and has been used for all sorts of things since as far back as the 8th century; probably even earlier than that.  It has been woven into fabrics, used to pad upholstery and stuff mattresses, added to plaster for buildings, used to string bows and musical instruments, used for bristles in paintbrushes and shaving brushes, plaited to make fishing lines and even used to suture wounds.

And of course, it has been used for making jewellery.  Keeping a lock of hair as a token of love has been a custom for centuries; and using hair - both human hair and horsehair - in jewellery became extremely fashionable in the 18th century.  And the ancient Chilean art form of crin jewellery uses dyed and woven horsehair to create delicate forms, often in the shape of flowers and insects.  

And latterly of course, horse hair has been used to make jewellery for horse lovers. Put simply, horsehair jewellery is an item of jewellery which is made with mane or tail hair from your own horse or pony.

But here at Storm & Grace, we understand there's a lot more to it than that.  When we make horsehair jewellery, we are creating a silver and gold manifestation of your connection with your horse, your memories and your story.

Our  collection of horsehair jewellery - rings, pendants and bracelets, is perfect for celebrating that special horse.  Perhaps because they were your first horse, or because they gave you your riding confidence back, or won a big competition, or helped you though some tough times.  Or perhaps simply because you love them and couldn't imagine life without them.  

There is no better gift for the horse lover in your life either - perfect for birthdays (especially milestone birthdays) and Christmas, we have even made horsehair jewellery for anniversary and wedding gifts!       Our adjustable horsehair bracelets (pictured above) are one of our bestsellers, and are especially popular as gifts - because they're adjustable there's no need to guess at sizes!

Our horsehair jewellery is also a beautiful, bespoke keepsake to commemorate a horse you have lost, a way of keeping them with you always.  Many of our clients gift horsehair jewellery to loved ones and friends who have lost, and are grieving for, a much loved and deeply missed horse or pony. 

So we understand that it needs to be special.  It needs to be personal to you.  And it needs to be as unique as your horse.  

Because our jewellery is entirely handmade, we can offer endless options for bespoke tailoring, to ensure your horsehair jewellery tells your personal story, and reflects the uniqueness of your horse and your relationship.  You can choose different types or colours of gemstones or pearls.  You can have those gemstones set in yellow gold, for an extra touch of luxury.  You can also add silver or gold embellishments such as hearts, stars, initial letters.  You can add engraving, from simple names and dates, to quotes and special messages.  And we can make horsehair necklaces and bracelets in any length, and horsehair rings in any size, including half sizes, to ensure the perfect fit.  We're always happy to chat through your ideas and options, with no obligation, so do please get in touch.

And of course, because we apply the principles of fine jewellery to each of our horsehair jewellery designs - a strong focus on design, longevity and style, our jewellery is perfect for every outfit and every occasion, the office and boardroom, nights out, celebrations, parties and weddings, a day at the county show and equestrian competitions - literally anywhere you wish to show off your sense of style and sophistication, whilst keeping your equestrian heart.

Sterling silver horseshoe pendant with horsehair and cubic zirconia

See 'ee drekly

Chelle x