Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a silly question.  Here are some of the questions we're most often asked about our silver and gold, pearl and horsehair jewellery (and the answers, of course!)

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In short, because it's much better for the environment to recycle the silver and gold we already have in circulation, than to mine more.  Mining has a devastating impact on the environment.

In terms of quality, there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between recycled silver and gold, than non-recycled.  So it's a no-brainer really. 

For us, it's doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.

It's about using recycled silver and gold, responsibly sourced gemstones, or synthetic gemstones (made, not mined), and environmentally aware working practices.

It's about using recycleable, reusable and sustainable packaging.

It's about handmaking high quality jewellery using artisan techniques, instead of peddling mass produced, imported tat.

And it's about doing right by our customers.  Honest advice, honest jewellery, and the very best customer service.

Because we're not Amazon!!  (And we're very proud of that!).  We make each piece by hand, to order.  When we've made your jewellery, we send it away to be hallmarked, then when it's returned, we polish it, and set any gemstones.  (And of course, if you want your jewellery engraved, we send it to our highly skilled jewellery engraving specialists).

It's often quicker than 4 - 6 weeks, but we'd rather surprise you in a good way.

And we do try to keep popular items of our silver and gold jewellery, equestrian jewellery and pearl jewellery in stock, so that it can be sent out to you when you order, but during busy times, that's not always possible.

We'll always do our absolute best to get your jewellery on it's way to you as quickly as possible.

If you require your jewellery within a shorter timeframe, please just give us a shout before you order.  We'll always do our best to help you.

When it's done well (and believe me - we do it very well), handmade jewellery is best not only for quality, but also for being tailored to your exact requirements.  If you want a non-standard size, or unique personalisation, or different gemstones etc, etc, because we hand make all our jewellery to order, we can accommodate that for you.

Hand made is also a far better option for the environment, than jewellery that is mass produced in factories, often with little or no regulation.

Much of the cheap jewellery available is not actually sterling silver, despite claiming to be.  A "925" stamp on it's own is absolutely worthless.

In a nutshell, a full hallmark is your guarantee that your jewellery is made from high quality sterling silver and/or gold, and nothing else.

You can read more about the assay and hallmarking process here.


Firstly, it means we create jewellery that is unapologetically different from the usual done-to-death mass produced designs.

Secondly, it means that our designs function well as quality, wearable, long lasting jewellery.

Cubic Zirconia (or CZ) are synthetic stones.  They are low cost, durable, well cut and come in a multitude of colours, making them a very viable and more environmentally friendly alternative to genuine gemstones, and diamonds.

They are absolutely perfect when you want strong colour, and/or when you want to add gemstones on a budget.

Moissanite is a very durable synthetic (laboratory created) stone which is engineered to appear very similar to diamonds.  They actually have more brilliance, and more fire (those coloured sparkles you get when the light hits the stone) than a diamond, and are guaranteed conflict free.  There are a few different colour options, with white or clear being the most popular.  

Moissanite are one of my favourite gemstones, and are absolutely perfect when you want something a bit special.

Before you order...

A few pointers about sizing, packaging and posting.

Can't find what you're looking for?  Ask us, and we'll answer!

You can measure your wrist size and neck size with an ordinary fabric tape measure.  (Or if you don't have one, use a piece of string, and then measure that with a ruler).  If you're unsure of where/how to measure, give us a shout and we'll talk you through it.

If you don't know your ring size, you can buy a ring sizer from us, to measure your finger.

It's always best to ensure you order the right size, as some of our designs can't be resized after, and bespoke items (including horsehair jewellery, and engraved jewellery) cannot be returned. (You can find more information about our returns policy in our Terms and Conditions). It really is worth reaching out to us first if you're unsure - we don't bite, and we're always happy to help.

This is actually a lot more common than you might think.  Many people have smaller than standard wrist sizes, (me included), or larger wrists, or dainty fingers, or prefer a longer chain for their necklaces.  

It's never a problem - just give us a shout before you order, and we'll talk you through taking the measurements we need, then you can order as normal and we'll make your jewellery in exactly the size you need.

Your jewellery will be beautifully presented in our coveted, eco-friendly packaging, along with a cleaning cloth and a few tips on the best way to care for your jewellery - all with our compliments.

We may well re-use a padded envelope or postal box to send your jewellery to you - we're big on cutting down on waste!  It will still be safe and secure.

We don't put any branding on our outer packaging, so no need to worry if your purchase is a gift for someone (or perhaps a secret treat for yourself!).

We send our jewellery with Royal Mail.  We only ship to UK addresses at the moment.

All of our jewellery comes complete with a specialist jewellery cleaning cloth, and a few tips on how best to care for your jewellery, with our compliments.

And we're always here for you if you have any questions about your jewellery, just give us a shout.

Additionally, you can add your name to our VIP list and receive four free downloads, packed with information on how to care for all kinds of jewellery - choose just the ones you'd like, or download all four.

Horsehair Jewellery

Here are some common questions about horsehair jewellery.

Can't find what you're looking for?  Ask us, and we'll answer!

Not as much as you might think!  For most designs, a section of tail hair that is about half as thick as your finger, and at least 12 inches long - the longer the better. 

The short answer is yes.  However, I may need to tweak the design to suit what you have, so it's best to give me a shout before you order, telling me what you'd like made, and what kind/length of horsehair you have.  It just saves us a lot of faffing about in the long run  if we get it all sorted before you order.

It's completely understandable, and very common, for people to be anxious about sending me their precious horsehair.  And I totally get it.  So here's what happens:


  • As soon as the hair arrives here with me, I'll ping you a text or email to let you know I've received it.
  • Your horsehair will be labelled with your details, and I always keep each swatch of horsehair separate, so there's no danger of it being mixed up.  I also only ever work with one swatch at a time, for the same reason.
  • I hand wash each swatch of horsehair, with a natural, eco-friendly horse shampoo, before sorting it and braiding it.  Once I've got the measurement of the braid, I make your jewellery.
  • I totally understand that your horsehair is precious to you, and I treat every swatch of horsehair with absolute respect.

  • I always recommend you send the hair using a tracked service, either by Royal Mail or a courier.  (When you place your order, I'll ping you all the information you'll need to send it to me.
  • If you're local to South Devon, you can, if you'd prefer, deliver it in person.  This is by appointment only, and I don't give out my address unless you've ordered and paid for your jewellery.  (It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that there are far too many asshats, oddballs and wrong'uns on the internet for me to go putting my personal details out there for all to see).

Yes, I return any unused hair to you in the same package as your completed jewellery.

The two most important things are not to get your jewellery wet, and not to subject the braided horsehair to any snagging or abrasion.

When we package your jewellery, we'll include a complimentary specialist jewellery cleaning cloth, along with a few tips on caring for your jewellery.

For more tips on caring for your jewellery, you can add your name to our VIP list, and receive four free downloads on all things jewellery and horsehair.

Gift Vouchers

Here are some common questions about our gift vouchers.

Can't find what you're looking for?  Ask us, and we'll answer!

Our vouchers are printed on sustainable card, with the details on the reverse, and are presented in a blank envelope for you to address to the recipient.

No we don't.  We're a little traditional, and think that vouchers for quality handmade jewellery should be a tangible gift - so much more personal don't you think?

Our vouchers are posted to you via Royal Mail, in a plain envelope.

You can use your voucher in full or part payment towards any item of Storm & Grace jewellery, including commissions, of equal or higher value.  You can read our full Terms & Conditions here.

Not a problem at all.  Just let me know and I'll create a voucher for however much you'd like to gift.

Simply enter the unique code on the back of your voucher at checkout.