Meet the Team

I'm Chelle Mullen...

...aka The Horsey Jeweller, and I'm the professional goldsmith behind Storm & Grace.

I founded Storm & Grace on the belief that the world doesn't need more jewellery, it needs better jewellery.

I'm reimagining equestrian and horsehair jewellery, using the principles and techniques of fine jewellery to create sophisticated, design-led pieces by hand in my Devon workshop, using the finest quality precious metals and gemstones.

Client relations, ethical integrity and environmental sustainability is at the very heart of my brand, and everything we do.

Lynda Mullen

That's my mum.  And my business partner.  Her passion is for pearl jewellery.  She specialises in hand knotting pearls onto silk thread, and she's on a mission to show the world that pearls are the perfect accessory for every single day.

She also handles quite a bit of our admin, because she is sooo much more organised than I am.  She is the queen of the "Ta Dah" list (like a "To Do" list, but better) and keeps me doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  Mostly.

She loves our flora and fauna, with a soft spot for ponies.  She's a keen gardener too.

Lynda Mullen with our Dartmoor pony, Romany
Our Dartmoor pony, Romany

Storm Gypsy

Or Romany, to his staff, and friends.  He's quirky, opinionated, and rather self-willed, but he's also the goodest boy and I just love him to bits.

He is also the star of our social media pages.  If you like cute pony pictures, head on over to our Socials - links are at the bottom of the page.

Storm & Grace

Sadly, this girl is no longer with us.  She owned me for 24 years, and was the most opinionated, hot-headed mare I ever met.  She was my absolute world.

The business is named after her; it seemed appropriate, as most of the money I earned was spent on her!  Either keeping her in the luxury to which she'd become accustomed, or replacing a never ending stream of trashed rugs.  I miss her every day.

Thoroughbred mare Storm & Grace

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