Why choose us?

At Storm & Grace we care about.....

💜 Jewellery 

💜 Our Customers

💜 The Planet

Sadly, it is a fact of life that if a product is cheap, someone or something is being royally shafted.  Usually: 

❌ The environment 

❌ The people being employed to make the product - they are badly exploited -very low pay, long hours and terrible working conditions

❌ The consumer - when you buy cheap, unfortunately you get exactly what you pay for.

We absolutely cannot abide cheap, mass produced tat that costs the planet dearly, and ultimately just ends up in landfill.

So we do things a little differently:

💎 We tell it like it is.  In simple English.  (Or Devonish, in my case).  We won't try to blind you with science, or fancy-shmancy terms.

💎 We make our jewellery by hand, in our workshop in Devon.  We use traditional artisan skills, and we make to a high standard.

💎 We use recycled silver and gold, and responsibly and ethically sourced gemstones, and also synthetic stones (ones that are made, not mined).

💎 Our jewellery is fully hallmarked.  This means you can be certain your jewellery is made from good quality silver and gold, and not some cheap-assed alloy that will bring you out in a rash.  You can read more about the hallmarking process here.

💎 Because we make our own jewellery, most can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

💎 We don't plate our jewellery.

💎 We're real people - we drink too much coffee, cuss more than we should, and understand that parting with your hard earned cash is a decision not to be made lightly - we will ALWAYS give you the best, most honest advice about any item of jewellery, and we will bend over backwards to look after you.

💎 We're also horse lovers (and owners), dog lovers, hell we're all out bunny huggers, so if you're coming to us for keepsake or memorial jewellery, well, we've been there, and we get it.